• Available times shown is your arrival time, not race time. (E.g.: 1pm available time = 1pm arrival for a 1:30pm race start) - If you're racing multiple races the system will automatically pick available race times with a gap of up to one hour between races, you will receive an itinerary in the confirmation email.
  • Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on their visit and the parent or guardian must agree and sign a waiver and remain on site.
  • Junior racers are those aged 10-15 years old, junior racers cannot race in adult races. If you're 16 and over and would like to race with a junior racer please book yourself into a junior race.
  • Adult racers are 16 years and over.
  • You must be at least 140cm(except Duo kart).
  • An annual race membership is required to race. If you do not have a current race membership or has expired then you must purchase one for $8.00 per person on the day.
  • Junior & adult races run alternately, you will generally not race all your racers consecutively.
  • Maximum weight of 120kg.
  • Must watch safety briefing video.
  • All racers must wear a helmet with a visor or eye protection and balaclava (which we provide) and fit in the kart seat with the safety harness attached. You can bring your own helmet but it must meet Australian Standards. 
  • No head coverings, hair or loose clothing that trails outside the helmet is permitted.
  • Enclosed shoes required. 
  • Do not race if you have any medical conditions including but not limited to seizures, epilepsy, neck weakness, back weakness, heart conditions, broken bones, nervous disorders, motion sickness, pregnant etc. Consult your doctor if you are unsure if it is safe for you to race.
  • Afterdark racing from 6pm Friday & Saturday nights. Lights are out, music turned up and party lights are on!
  • Duo kart drivers must be at least 18 years old and minimum 150cm tall. Passenger must be at least 4 years old and minimum 90cm tall. Maximum combined weight of 250kg. Annual race membership is only required for the driver. Please note we only have 1 Duo Kart, bookings are highly recommended.
  • Please call us on (02) 4256 6566 to book the Duo kart. The Duo Kart cannot be booked online.




All bookings are strictly non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled or credited regardless of the reason for non-attendance.  Any booking made by you or your group may prevent someone else from doing so, and as such we are not able to recoup the funds for that particular race. If sufficient cancellation notice as stipulated by C1 Speed is provided, we may be able to resell your races to another group, in which case a gift card will be issued to the total amount of seats sold (e.g. If 4 of 5 seats returned are sold, you will receive a gift card to the value of 4 seats).

Even if you purchase only 1 seat in a race and there are 8 spare seats, you have prevented a group that wanted a 9-seat race from booking that time.

This refund policy also applies to but not limited to:

  • Change of mind
  • Racers below 140cm at the discretion of staff
  • Racers above 120kgs at the discretion of staff
  • Racers below required age limits for their selected session type
  • Racers with a non-zero blood alcohol content (BAC) level or who are suspected by staff to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Racers who staff deem to be a safety hazard to themselves or others
  • Racers who are involved in a race where there has been an accident which has caused themselves or others injury, or has meant that their time on track or at full speed was reduced. This applies regardless of who is at fault
  • Any misconduct or harassment to staff members deemed unacceptable at the discretion of staff
  • Bad weather or road conditions
  • Unwell or sick participants

Please note that ‘special circumstances’ will not be sufficient for us to vary from our refunds policy because, by booking a given timeslot you are preventing someone else from doing so. Note that this is true even where there are spaces remaining in the race because booking any number of spots prevents a larger group from booking into the race. As such, purchasers should consider the risk that arising ‘special circumstances’ may prevent them from attending their booking or using a gift card in the case of a cancellation. ‘Special circumstances’ include but are not limited to:

  • Cancellation of a bucks’ party or other special occasion
  • Cancellation of a ‘going away’ celebration for a participant
  • Travelling or moving interstate or overseas
  • Having paid for a booking on behalf of others who refuse to reimburse
  • Bad weather or road conditions
  • Unwell or sick participants

Although we endeavour to ensure your time is as enjoyable as possible, there may be periods where the technology system used is malfunctioning (i.e. karts steering wheel and/or lap times), or where our team are running late for a variety of reasons. No form of compensation or refund will be provided to customers who are inconvenienced or incur costs due to any delays.